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10 worst events of 2020 in India

Why the year 2020 is is the worst year of human history? Look at the list of all bad things happened in this year so far.

  1. Corona virus pandemic
  2. Deaths of migrant workers
  3. locust swarms
  4. Vizag gas leak
  5. Umpun Cyclone (Amphan Cyclone)
  6. Nisarga Cyclon
  7. Deaths of our two most loved stars.
  8. China, Nepal and Pakistan border disputes
  9. Job losses.
  10. Economic growth falls down.

If you ask me, what can be another name for bad-luck then I will say "year 2020". This is how bad it was so far. 2020 is the beginning of entire new decade, a whole new age of humanity but unfortunately there are so many bad incidents happened in this year which makes it the absolute worst year. Here in this article we have included 10 most hated incidents which had happened this year.

  1. Corona Virus Pandemic

In last weeks of 2020 when the world was ready to welcome 2020, many local hospitals in Wuhan, China reported an unusual number of cases who had severe pneumonia. Soon it was spread to whole world and became a global pandemic and then boom, bye-bye old world. No matter how much we resume our lifestyle but we all know from inside that those old times are never going to come back, At least not until a vaccine or cure.

  1. Deaths of migrant workers

Due to the Pandemic COVID-19 we had locked our country down and everyone got stuck where they were. Now, it was not a big deal for the native people but in big cities like Mumbai majority of workers are from other states. The first two phases of lockdown was easy but soon as the ration started to end the panic started. These migrant workers earn daily and eats daily they don't have a reserve of money or food. So, people started moving towards their home and since there were all the transport facilities were off, they started walking. This brings us the horrific viral videos of train accidents, road accidents and their deaths from starvation.

  1. Locust Swarms

From the beginning of the year 2020 Locust swarms are destroying crops in our West Indian states like Rajasthan. The insect Locusts belong to the family of green grasshoppers. There initial phase is known as solitary phase but in adequate climate they grow and form a swarm which can eat the food of at least 2500 people in one time. India is hit by these locusts in 2020.

  1. Vizag gas leak

12 people were killed by this tragic event and hundreds were hospitalized in Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh. An industrial accident was occurred at the LG Polymers chemical plant on 7th May 2020 in Visakhapatnam. The gas which leaked was styrene

  1. Upun cyclone (Amphan Cyclone)

Due to western disturbances a very huge cyclone arises from the bay of Bangal and hit our country on May 19 2020. 2 People were killed in West Bangal and many were injured. Along with it too much destruction of properties were happened.

  1. Nisarg cyclone (Amphan Cyclone)

Recently on the date of june 3 2020 a huge cyclone arisen from the Arabian sea passes away from Mumbai and Gujrat. Fortunately the cyclone wasn't that much dangerous as the Amphan.

  1. Deaths of our two most loved stars.

Irfan Khan and Rishi Kapur died one after another. It Leaved us in shock. These two were the most loving actors of our Bollywood industry.

  1. China, Nepal and Pakistan border disputes

We are already facing border violation of seize fire from Pakistan every day science the war ended. But now all of the sudden Nepal and China are also being the pain in the head. China is intruding our borders and Nepal issued a new map which included conflicted land of our state.

  1. Job losses.

Due to COVID-19 there are too many job loses and salary cuts happening in India.

  1. Economic growth falls down.

According to many agencies our economic growth is falling down.

10 worst events of 2020 in India

10 worst events of 2020 in India

Created By : Trapti Choubisa

Why the year 2020 is is the worst year of human history? Look at the list of all bad things happened in this year so far. Current GK

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