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Hindi Typing Test

Online Hindi Typing Test

Welcome to the best Hindi typing test provided by typingway.com an online typing speed test software. If you are looking for a software program to test your typing speed in  Hindi. Then this website is the best platform to do so. It provides a typing competition environment for all government exams.

On this web portal, you can practice touch typing as long as you want which is absolutely free of cost. A minimum time limit of a test is 1 minute and the maximum is 60 minutes. You can switch between the time frames from like 5 minutes typing test or a 10 minutes typing test. Always remember practice makes a man perfect. As much as you practice as your typing speed will increase. So type hard and type long. Good luck

You can also choose the difficulty level so that you can change the difficulty of the typing paragraph according to your typing speed and experience. Start for an easy level and increase the level slowly as you gain more speed.

Importance of Hindi typing

Hindi typists are increasing day by day as the digital realm is growing. So to keep up with the rest of the world every organization is digitizing their old fashioned bookkeeping techniques. As you know Hindi is the official language of India so many records and data sets are in Hindi. Especially in government sectors, there is an emerging need for Hindi typists in every department.

Nowadays, many of the government jobs require enhanced typing skills and they are also conducting separate typing exams for the aspirants. So if you care to follow my advice then I will definitely suggest that you learn this job-saving skill. Before it becomes a necessity and competition increases.

How to increase speed

To increase your typing speed, here are some tips which you can follow it will definitely give you better results.

  1. The first step is to learn typing without seeing the keyboard. If you are a typist and don’t know touch typing then dude, you are seriously missing some skills which are barring you from achieving maximum speed. Looking at the keyboard, again and again, makes you a turtle. Well, you don’t want to be a turtle then start typing without seeing at your Remington Gail Keyboard. I know it looks awesome, beautifully crafted, perfectly designed. but sweetheart you gotta avoid looking at it. Start typing by looking at your screen. This will save a lot of time.
  2. Find a typing tutor.  Like this website is providing you a great platform to test your typing speed. There are a lot many other platforms too which are providing spoon-feeding learning techniques. You can also learn from them just to reach the level of touch typing. I personally don’t like such tutors, instead of those you can use this https://typingway.com/home/ for learning different techniques and getting the latest information update on any running government application process or any upcoming government typing examination.
  3. Start practicing today. you might find it difficult to sit for more than a few minutes on a desktop to practice Hindi typing. But trust me practice is the key. It will make your muscle memory stronger to find the right location of keys. Just switch the time limit to 60 minutes and start typing. 1 hour a day will make you beat your competition.

Hindi Typing Test

Typing might look like a very boring task for the beginners, so a little dopamine boost up. We hear at typingway are providing you an incredible opportunity to compete with others. Whether you are preparing for a government typing exam or you are just any student, you can take the test any time and save your best score for displaying on the front page.  Try to beat the top score.

What is Remington Gail Hindi Typing layout

The typewriter layout on Hindi font Mangal or Kruti dev which is asked in many government examinations. Like in SSC, SSC CHSL, SSC CGL, LDC, Highcourt LDC, Suchna Sahayak, Rajasthan Information Assistant etc.

So you can rely on us to clear any of these Hindi typing tests asked in government exams. Gaining proficiency in daily exercises will result in maximum speed. All our exercises are based on the government exam pattern. Practice as much as you can. Then you are ready to go. For the competition. So try now our online hindi typing test

online Hindi Typing Test keyboard

Typing Exams of  Government Jobs

Government Jobs which require typing skills are not less in numbers. In both government and private sectors, Typing jobs are increasing day by day. like data entry jobs. They ask Devlys 010 or Kruti dev 010 font for the Hindi typing. Typingway is using the same font for Hindi typing and Calibri for English typing.

Data entry is one of the jobs with minimum education qualification requirements. Most importantly you are eligible for the job if you are only 10th or 12th pass. You just need a good Typing speed. which you can get through the Hindi typing test.

Some of the major typing government jobs are.

  1. Suchna Sahayak Rajasthan.
  2. Information Assistant (Vidyut Vibhag).
  3. High court stenographer.
  4. SSC CHSL stenographer.
  5. Rajasthan High Court LDC
  7. RRB NTPC Typing Exam

How to test your typing speed

To test your typing speed in Hindi just type as many lines as you can in the above text box as you can.  Try to maintain a speed of at least 30 WPM to 40 WPM. Every correct word type will be marked as green and the red color is for the wrongly typed word. When you have done typing according to your selected time frame. Your Result will display on the screen. Save it if you want to compete. Or just try again. As you wish.

You can also try different paragraphs for typing practice. If you are feeling bored by typing only some random words

Touch Typing

There are several types of typing skills which are required nowadays to compete and outrank others in the crowd of jobseekers. There are a lot of typing skills asked to the aspirants who are preparing for clerical level government jobs. Almost every job of this type is taking a typing test before selection. Some of the most important typing skills are mentioned bellow.

What is touch typing ?

This is one of the great skill and technique to type fast and efficiently. If you are still typing with two fingers and also are preparing for the government job to compete with others, then my dear friends you must start to type with all 10 of your fingers. This is not a child game to get the job. You have to fight and grab your job, no one is going to give it to you for no reason. Touch typing is also important because it improves the typing speed.

How touch typing improves typing speed

Touch typing improves the typing speed because you don’t have to see the keys again and again and if you are trying to type a paragraph which is displaying on the screen then first you have to see each word and then each key of that word to type it. This process doubles the time in typing a single word which impact over all typing speed. So the solution is touch typing because in touch typing you don’t have to use both your fingers and eyes in doing only one thing at a time. Instead you can use your eyes to see the words you are typing and your fingers to press the keys. Your fingers will remember the keys through muscle memory.

Touch typing in hindi fonts

In hindi there are lot of characters. And it is very hard to remember every key and the character behind it. So it is even harder if you look into the keyboard and then find the key which you have to type because in this case first you have to remember what key should print the desired hindi character.

It becomes much-much easier when your finger itself knows what key to press to print the desired character rather than using your brain and eyes to remember what key prints what. Muscle memory is very important in touch typing and this can be only done through practice. When a finger hits a key again and again on the same set of keys then slowly it starts to recognize the pattern of words. Hope you are finding it useful read more to get wonderful tips for typing.

Hindi Fonts

Officially there are only a few fonts which are asked in exams for typing in hindi three of them are devlys 010 font, krutidev 010 font, and mangal font each of them are described bellow as what are the differences and similarities and differences between this awesome hindi typing test fonts. Fonts are very important to know about because every hindi font has a different layout. The key structure is not same for every font unlike krutidev and devlys fonts. For a online hindi typing test an aspirant must be prepare for any of the following hindi typing font also if you want to download this font we are providing a link in the end of every font's description. You can click on the link below and easily download the font through the respected websites and web portals.

devlys 010 font

devlys 010 is the hindi font for typing in hindi. This font uses ramington gail keyboard layout which is typewriter layout for typing. Our online hindi typing test also use this as this was the same font used in the government exam of Information assistant in Rajasthan. Also this font is similar to the krutidev font. You should learn this as krutidev and devlys are majorly used in all the offices which deal with hindi typing work. Hindi typing test is the best way to practice this font. Typingway is providing the best platform for devlys font and it is also giving you the chance to compete with your competitors worldwide and especially in India. When we talk about the term hindi font then the first choice of the examiner is always the devlys font.Download devlys 010 Font

Krutidev 010 font

Krutidev is the oldest hindi typing font which is being used widely in India and Indian states. The reason behind this is it is the oldest hindi typing test font and many offices didn't changed there working style yet. But soon it is going to out of the game because there are many new fonts arrived in the town. Hindi typing community will always remember the name of this font as it contribute a great portion in the development of hindi typing fonts. This is also one of my favorite online hindi typing test font which I am using since childhood.Download krutidev Font

Mangal font

Mangal font is a UI font used for typing devenagri lipi. It is based on Unicode and a best font for web font. Many web developer and web masters prefer this font over traditional fonts such as krutidev and devlys 010 font because it is platform friendly and available in many browsers support. We in typingway do not use this font for typing test since it is asked very less in the government examination especially in India the percentage of this font asked in any examination is very low. Every exam is either asking krutidevi or may be devlys for online hindi typing test.Download Mangle Font

Words per minute -WPM

This is the unit to measure typing speed of a typist, the more the better. When it comes to measure the speed of a typist we always say that it is 60 WPM or 70 WPM or any number in WPM. In our typingway's online hindi typing test we have used the same unite to show you the result. The result in any online hindi typing test will always be in WPM though some of them are also giving in key depression per seconds or keystrokes per second but officially in the examination of any government organization it is always asked in WPM. In hindi typing test it is very important to maintain the limit of at least 35 WPM or else it will increase the chance of your failure, but again it is only a lowest limit always remember "the more the better".

Start Hindi Typing Test

Here is a basic start-up guide to starting with Typingway. Start typing today. Most importantly use these simple steps to become a pro. Because these steps are from basics to pro.

Step 1. Logon to Typingway

Step 2. Select your language (Hindi or English).

Step 3. Select the time frame from the dropdown.

Step 4. Start typing in the input box.

Step 5. Check your result and save it if it is satisfactory.

Step 6. Repeat.

how to online Hindi Typing Test

What is Hindi?

Hindi is the mother tongue of India. It is derived from old Sanskrit and similar to the prakrit language spoken by ancients. Its writing style is in brahmi script which is from left to right. It is one of the oldest language in the world. There are many languages spoken in India but majority of Indians prefer to talk and work in hindi language along with their regions native language. Specially in the north Indian states Hindi is the very much preferable language. Typing in hindi is not very easy but we can try to learn hindi because it is very important now a days to learn hindi typing for any organization.