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1 minute typing test

1 Minute Typing Test

1 minute typing test is the best way to test your typing skill's progress on daily basis. You can increase your typing test time limit from 1 minute to 60 minutes. It depends on your sitting capacity, that how much you can practice in a day. This is probably the best way to learn to type faster. Training like this can get you the best results, because you will not feel bored because of the time limit and a competitive environment.

How to maximize speed in 1 minute

Through this tool you are allowed to type as much as you can in the selected time limit. You have to utilize your 1 minute very efficiently to get the best result. So if you are not a pro and a beginner like me, then you can follow some tips I am sharing with you.

1 Stop watching your keyboard. Dude I know that you will feel like you are hitting the button blindly on your keyboard. But dear friends this is the most important stop for speeding up the typing. You can never be able to utilize your time while typing, if you always keep looking down at the keyboard and then up again to check whether you have typed write or wrong. This is not the right way. Touch typing is the key to fasten up the typing, which is very much required in this challenging time.

2 Try to maintain accuracy. Many people ignore this but this is the main point of speeding up typing. What is the use of typing fast if you have written half of the words wrong? It will not only reduce your speed but also consume more time than usual. So please try to avoid mistakes.

3 Buy a new keyboard. Keyboard also plays a very distinct role in typing speed. If you have a old typing keyboard and is not working fine. Then as a typist you must throw it in garbage, because you also need a good keyboard to type fast. Imagine that you are following every good practice for typing but keyboard is close to dead, its keys are not pressing as it should be, then what is the point in following all of that good practice.

How Typingway can help you.

Typingway is a online typing test solution through which you can give 1 minute typing test multiple times for free. Not only just for 1 minute but also for 5 minutes you can give the typing test. And you can increase the time limit up to 60 minutes. This system is best for many government examinations like RRB NTPC as well as normal typists are also using it recreationally. Just for practicing and competing with others.

This website can get you whatever your speed demand is. All you need to do is maintaining consistency. Come daily and practice here for at least 30 minutes if you are new.

Government Typing Exams

Our online 1 minute typing test online software is used for clearing the government exams. Like Rajasthan high court LDC, RRB NTPC, typist, LDC, Jr. accountant, Informatics assistant, suchna sahayak, UDC, kanisth sahayak, stenographer, high court LDC you can also read this article on Rajasthan highcourt LDC Upcoming Vacancy.

You can clear any government exam like CPCT typing test, or any other exam which require typing skills. Many of the government exams are now-a-days requiring this mandatory skill. This is a very mandatory skill for a typist like job to survive in this time. So my advise. follow our 1 minute typing test daily.See all the government jobs in Rajasthan.

1 Minute typing test

This is the best 1 minute typing test platform to test your typing abilities. Best part about it is this is free of cost and it comes in many languages. You can also choose language other than English. So the logic is simple you type as many words as you can in 1 minute and then your result will be generated by our typing engine and then you can judge your rank by either yourself, Or watch our top typists list to know your rank worldwide.

Typing Competition

you might have played many typing online games which are full of graphics and other things. Well they seems good at starting but there magic fades out as you involve more and more in them. The best way to learn typing without getting bored is when a little adrenaline is releasing while you are typing it makes you more active and you will be more prone to learn fast.

So the question is how you will achieve a kind of situation where your harmonic glands release this adrenaline. Well answer is simple through competing live with top competitors through our website. This is the best way to learn typing –the typing race for at least 1 minute or online typing test for 10 minutes in english . When you type daily for at least 60 minutes consistently for a month or so, automatically your speed is going to increase. Here are some usefull youtube video tutorials Typing Test Online

Fastest Online Typing Test Solution

We are continuously working on the load time to increase its speed. Right now this is as fast as it can be on an average cost. But it is getting faster and faster day by day as we are optimizing its code. Typing way provides you the fastest typing test software to use for free. Also with us your data is secured we provide the maximum privacy of your private data.

Features of 1 minute typing test

We have used the official speed calculating algorithm which is used by all the exam taking agencies. So if you practice through our 1 minute typing test portal than you can crack any government typing test without any worries. We have included the same difficulty level as they use so that you don’t get used to easy typing and you will be ready for the grater fight.This software uses the top 500 words of both the language. If you were able to type every frequent word faster, you will be able to type faster anything also

In how much time I can learn Touch typing.

This thing totally depends upon the amount of practice and time you give to learn typing. And also learning to type is a different thing, but the main thing is to be able to type fast with accuracy. Regular online 1 minute typing test in English will improve the quality of your typing in the minimum time frame.

How to download typing online test free software: you can simply login to our web portal https://www.typingway.com/login and you can find the software in your profile page. It is absolutely a free typing test software.

If you like this application please share it on Facebook and other social media platforms your one share will help us to grow more and bring new free of cost services to you. So that other users in need can also get benefit from it. Thank you so much for visiting us. Come again ! and please do an online typing test for 10 minutes in English.